Wells And Their Purification

1 – [Taking out water]

 تنزح البئر الصغيرة بوقوع نجاسة وإن قلت من غير الأرواث كقطرة دم أو خمر

All water is to be taken out from a small well in which an impurity has fallen in, except in the case of dung, even if the impurity is little such as a drop of blood or alcohol.

 وبوقوع خترير ولو خرج حيا ولم يصب فمه الماء

All the water is to be taken out if a pig falls in even if it is alive and its tongue did not touch the water.

 وبموت كلب أو شاة أو آدمي فيها

All the water is to be taken out if a dog, sheep or person die in the well. 

 وبانتفاخ حيوان ولو صغيرا

All the water is to be taken out if a dead bloated animal is in the water even if the animal is small.

 ومائتا دلو لو لم يمكن نزحها

Two hundred buckets of water are to be taken out if it is not possible to remove all the water.

 وإن ماتت فيها دجاجة أو هرة أو نحوهما لزم نزح أربيعن دلوا

And if a chicken or cat or a similar animal dies in the well it is compulsory to take out forty buckets of water.

وإن ماتت فيها فأرة أو نحوها لزم نزح عشرين دلوا

And if a rat or similar animal dies inside the well then twenty buckets of water must be taken out.

 وكان ذلك طهارة للبئر والدلو والرشاء ويد المستسقي

And this is so that the well, the bucket, the rope and the hand of the person cleaning the well is purified.

مالا ينجس البئر[

2 – [That which does not make the well water impure]

 ولا تنجس البئر بالبعر والروث والخثي إلا إن يستكهره الناظر أو أن لا يخلو دلو عن بعرة

The well water is not made impure with camel dung, general cattle dung or bird droppings except in the case that the dung is apparent in the well or in the case that every bucket contains some dung. 

]مالا يفسد الماء[

3 – [That which does not ruin the well water]

ولا يفسد الماء بخرء حمام وعصفور

The droppings of pigeons or sparrows do not ruin the well water. 

ولا بموت مالا دام له فيه كسمك وضفدع وحيوان الماء وبق وذباب وزنبور وعقرب

Nor is the well water ruined with the death of animal which has no blood flowing through its body such as fish, frog, aquatic creatures, lizards, flies, wasps or scorpions. 

 ولا بوقوع آدمي وما يؤكل لحمه إذا خرج حيا ولم يكن على بدنه نجاسة

Nor is the well water ruined if a human falls into it or an animal which is permissible to consume as long as it comes out alive and there was no impurity on its body. 

 ولا بوقوع بغل وحمار وسباع طير ووحش في الصحيح

Nor is the well water ruined if a mule or donkey falls into or a predatory bird or animal according to the most correct opinion. 

وإن وصل لعاب الواقع الى الماء أخذ حكمه

And if saliva is falls into the well, then you take the ruling for that animal to which the saliva belongs. 

وجود حيوان ميت فيها ينجسها من يوم وليلة

And if a dead animal is found in the well then the water is impure for one day and one night.

ومنتفخ من ثلاثة أيام و لياليها إن لم يعلم وقت وقوعه

And if the animal is bloating the water is impure for three days and three nights if it is unknown when the animal fell in.

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