Obligations of Ablution

أركان الوضوء أربعة وهي فرائضه الأول غسل الوجه وحده طولا من مبدأ سطح الجبهة الى أسفل الذقن وحده عرضا ما بين شحمتي الأذنين

The pillars of ablution are four. The first obligation is that one must wash the face. That is lengthwise from the top of the forehead to the bottom of the chin, and breadth wise from that which is between the two ear holes. 

 والثاني غسل يديه مع مرفقيه والثالث غسل رجليه مع كعبيه والرابع مسح ربع رأسه

The second is that one washes his hands and his arms upto the elbows. The third is to wash one’s feet up to and including one’s ankles. And the fourth is to wipe a quarter of the head. 

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