Mutawātir, mashḥūr and khabr wāḥid according to the Aḥnāf

Definition of mutawātir according to the Aḥnāf: 

The definition of mutawātir according to the Aḥnāf  has previously been mentioned, namely that which has been narrated by: (1) numerous people, (2) who have relied on their senses and not intellect, (3) such that it is impossible for everyone to collude upon a lie, and (4) the preceding three conditions are found in every generation, from the beginning of the sanad to the end of the sanad. 

Definition of mashḥūr according to the Aḥnāf: 

That which was a khabr wāḥid in the first generation,[1] and then became mutawātir in the second[2] or third generation.[3]

Definition of khabr wāḥid according to the Aḥnāf

According to the Aḥnāf that which is a khabr wāḥid from the first three generations is considered a khabr wāḥid, even if it became mutawātir later on. 

[1] The generation of ṣaḥābah 

[2] The generation of tābiee  

[3] The generation of tābi’ tābiee 

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