Introduction to Tajweed

written by Ustadh Muhammad Sharif Linguistic Definition:  The word tajwīd (تجويد) is a maṣdar. It comes on the scale of جَوَّدَ يُجَوِّدُ meaning to improve or beautify something.  Technical Definition:  To recite every letter correctly from its makhraj (place of origination) with all its qualities.  Purpose of Tajwīd  The objective of tajwīd is to recite the Qur`ān

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10 Imams of Qiraat and their Transmitters

1. Nafiʿ al-Madanī (70-169 AH) Qalun (120-220 AH) Narrates directly Warsh (110-197 AH) Narrates directly 2. Ibn Kathir al-Makki (45-120AH) Tabiee Al-Bazzi (170-250 AH) – > ‘Ikrimah ibn Sulaymaaan – > Shibl – > Ibn Kathir 2 waasitah Qunbul (195-291 AH) – > Abul Hasan Ahmad – > Abul Ikhreet Wahb – > Ismaa’eel ibn ‘Abdullaah – > Shibl – > Ibn Kathir 4 waasitah 3. Abū ʿAmr al-Basri (68-154 AH) Ḥafṣ al-Duri (-246 AH)

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110. Succour

This is a Madani surah, giving the Prophet ﷺ glad tidings of the conquest of Makkah. The victory which strengthened the Muslims, and enabled Islam to spread amongst the Arab lands. This victory was unimaginable less than a decade before, when the Muslims were weak, boycotted by the polytheists, the majority of its followers being slaves

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108. Abundance

This surah was revealed as a consolation to the Prophet ﷺ informing him of the glad tidings which have been prepared for him.  With the name of Allah, the All-Merciful, the Very-Merciful.  إِنَّا أَعْطَيْنَاكَ الْكَوْثَرَ – 108:1 [108:1] (O Prophet,) surely We have given to you Al-Kauthar. We have given you, O Muhammad an abundance of

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