Benefits and virtues of memorising the Quran

  1. They are the best of people
  2. The Quran will intercede for them
  3. The Quran is a proof for them
  4. They are from the chosen people of Allah
  5. They are on the rank of the angels
  6. They are from amongst those who will have the most good deeds on the Day of Judgement
  7. They will be in the highest ranks of Jannah
  8. The angels always accompany them
  9. Their parents will be honoured because of them
  10. Allah will mention them in the highest heaven
  11. They are safe from the trials of Dajjal
  12. They are safe from the trials of the grave

Taken from Ila Talib al-ilm, Abu al-Hasan Sayyid Abd al-Majid al-Ghawri

For further reading see Fadaa’il al-Quran al-Kareem, Ibn Katheer

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